About Alertable

Get notified of emergencies and day-to-day events in Canada

Alertable mass notifications keep you informed of emergencies and daily events in your community and workplace.

Use Alertable for locations in Canada to stay aware and plan ahead. Check in advance for community events, closures, restrictions, hazards, danger and more. Know before you go. Keep yourself and others informed and up to date with Alertable.

Do you work with an organization that uses the Alertable mass notification system? You can use the Alertable app to receive notifications from that organization for workplace safety events and team communications.

Notifications are fast, reliable and easy to see and hear. Personalize notifications by type and severity. Choose notifications for many locations including home, work, school, cottage, family and friends locations and more. Change your locations and other personalized options in Settings, after the fact.

Key features:

β€’ Canada wide public safety alerts (from Canada’s Alert Ready emergency alert system)
β€’ severe weather alerts (from Environment and Climate Change Canada)
β€’ fast, highly optimized alert notifications
β€’ easy, to setup and use
β€’ customizable, choose the types of critical, advisory and information alerts you wish to receive
β€’ targeted, alerts for only locations you are interested in
β€’ follow me, alerts for where you are at
β€’ maps, helpful for seeing the geographical area the alert is for
β€’ sharable, alerts can be shared on social media, email and text message
β€’ informative, emergency descriptions, impact areas and actions to take to remain safe
β€’ local, community notifications for closures, outages, restrictions, disruptions, re-openings,
Interruptions and more
β€’ workplace, get alerts from your organization
β€’ accessible, full use by people with different abilities
β€’ bi-lingual, English/French

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