About HetuV2X

【Data overview】
● Intuitive module to show online/total/alarm vehicles;
● Trend charts to show alarm statistics;
● AI safety alarm ranking ;

【Real-time position】
● Display the regional distribution of vehicles on the map;
● Show and track the real-time position of the vehicle ;

【Live video】
● Real-time video of vehicle status
● Support two-way talk with the driver

【History playback】
● Query the historical track of the vehicle and playback online
● Query event video clips and playback online

【Vehicle Alarm】
● IO alarm and AI safety alarm reports, summary and detailed.
● View alarm evidence with photo or video.

Additional Information
1.0.3 (126.1 MB)
Jun 01, 2022
4+ Years
First Released
May 07, 2022
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