About Kaaval Uthavi

This app is used for Citizen safety and to provide various TNP e-services

Kaaval Uthavi app is used to trigger & send 'Emergency' alert to control room in order to get immediate assistance by general public during any kind of distress/emergency. On pressing of emergency red button, User live location will be shared with control room, user details is identified and nearest Police station / Police vehicle will be alerted to provide required assistance to app user. Also SMS alert will be sent to registered friends/family members about emergency. If data is low or poor, then emergency Trigger will be sent as SMS packets to control room in order to ensure emergency service by knowing last location of the caller.
The Dial 112/100/101 feature is used to make direct voice call with control room and by dialing from registered mobile number user location will be easily identified in order to provide immediate assistance via nearby Police Station/Vehicle. Similarly, Mobile compliant feature is used to register real time mobile based complaint with control room long with short video or image by selecting required complaint type and sub-type.
The location sharing features is used to share live location of the app user with family/friends during normal time like travel, shopping etc. during required time via WhatsApp and Google map location share services.
Further under other services many services like Police station locator with direction & dial feature, control room directory & its dial services, other help line directory & its dial service, notification/alert services are integrated to ensure and avail various kind of emergency assistance & other services.
Under this app, TNP e-services such as Police verification, lost document report, Vehicle verification, FIR & CSR status etc. is also integrated and enabled to access via its portal to get and access various services of Tamil Nadu Police.

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