About RAD Development

Reloading All Day Development provides the individual handloader to record all of his notes in one place with great detail.

Finally, offering the ability to record over 65+ different handloading data points and 5 different charts for load development, one can surely find everything they need to record their information into with an easy to navigate interface.

We value the importance of information by providing the tools necessary to improve the individual handloading experience. Most of all, being reloaders ourselves, we understand and listen to the individual handloader and provide virtually everything one would want to record.

Our app specifically provides Rifle Specs, Case Preparation, Bullet, Powder, and Environment data points for you to record. Along with 5 other charts to track load development in great detail.

For example, our Case Preparation category has many data inputs: Case Brand, Lot Number, Shell Plate Number, Number of Case Firings, Is the Case Annealed?, Case Neck Thickness, Volumetric Weight of Cases on Average, Neck Expanding Mandrel Size, Bushing Size, Full-Length, Full-Length Bushing, Neck-sizing, Flash Holes, Are Flash Holes Uniformed?, Flash Hole Size, Beginning Shoulder Depth, Shoulder Setback, Neck Tension, Case Trim Length, Is Donut Removed?, Neck Turn?, Case Mouth Runout, Primer Type, Primer Pocket Depth, Primer Height from Bottom of Cup to Top of Cup, Bottom of Primer to Top of Anvil, How Far is Primer Below Flush of Case Head?, Chamfer and Deburring angle.

As one can see, this is just one aspect of the options we allow users to record their information into.

Our main goal with this app is to provide you with the tools necessary to step outside of the box and ultimately help improve your processes.

• Easy to navigate
• 1 GB converts to over 500+ loads
• 27 different data points for just case prep
• 65+ different data points for you to record
• 5 different charts for load development
• No need for cellular service to access notes or use the app
• 6+ of more updates planned.
• Active community outreach to listen to what you want to see on the app and making it become a reality.

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