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[Lianxin] With 400 million users, we can always find people with the same interests
【 Square 】 See what other people are doing? In conjunction to chat
【 Chat 】 you can chat without adding friends
[find friends] intelligently recommend people with similar interests and find the TA that is most suitable for you
[Nearby] Intelligent recommendation of nearby people, high response rate

New version features: Recommend the most suitable person for you; More comprehensive personal data and life trends to fully understand the real Ta
Application introduction:
Lianxin - make friends in another place, record real life, find fun around. Intelligent and accurate recommendation will lead you to discover the most interesting lifestyle and new social experience nearby!
Discovery: It is recommended to display the surrounding life dynamics and match like-minded friends
Release: release dynamic anytime and anywhere to record the beautiful moments of life
Watch video: More friends, bigger world
Who's watching me: Look who's watching you
Convenient chat with friends: text, pictures, expressions and voice, you can chat as you like!
Interest group chat: find interesting groups, more interesting friends waiting for you to chat!
More real user profile: more information, better chat!

Download lianxin app and make friends somewhere else

[Link Member Service Description]
Buy lianxin membership to enjoy better membership service experience:
1. Exclusive identification of members, enjoy better super greeting experience;
2. Add 10 extra super greetings per day, private chat with the opposite sex is not limited;
3.Exclusive gift privileges. Special gifts are given to special TA, and messages are placed at the top after sending gifts
Unlock who has seen me, any view of my home page, not miss every concern;
The purchase price of lianxin member can be found on the specific purchase page. The price may be different if you choose different purchase methods. If you choose to buy automatic renewal letter member, will cost through iTunes account direct payment, 24 hours prior to the expiry of the subscription service, the system will automatically renew according to the subscription type and deduct the corresponding cost, after purchase, in the 24 hours before the end of the current membership service cycle, you may at any time to the iTunes store Settings interface, close a renewal function.
Even the membership service agreement:
Even the letter "automatic renewal agreement" :
"Even the letter privacy policy:
"Even the letter service agreement" :

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Customer service email: [email protected]
Customer service phone: 0575-86566626

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