About Checkmate: Save While You Shop

Save money while you shop on your phone. Checkmate will automatically apply codes in Safari when we find you a deal. Users save twice as much as any other savings tool.

Automatic savings on Safari on more than 40,000 sites!

Never miss a deal again!


For the first time - Automatically apply deals while you shop on your phone.

Checkmate saves users twice as much as any other online savings extension.*

Did you know online shoppers miss out on more than half the possible savings by forgetting the personal deals they get sent? From now on, we got you. Our engine will automatically make sure you always save the highest possible amount.

Online stores send thousands of deal emails per day. We collect them for you and automatically apply them while you shop. It’s that simple.

Checkmate has hunted the web and collected more public codes than any other online savings tool.

Checkmate supports 40,000+ of your favorite sites, and it's completely free!

Apply deals you get sent. Automatically.

Save as you shop on your phone on safari.

Track your packages. Anywhere.

Store and apply your gift cards in your Checkmate wallet.

Download now - it’s free!

*Based on a savings comparison study conducted in June 2022.

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