About Islamic AI

This app was once considered science fiction, but now it's a reality. Meet your intelligent companion, ready to provide instant Islamic answers to all your questions.

This application is considered a miracle of modern technology, providing an essential service for every Muslim and non-Muslim who wishes to learn about Islam. It offers Islamic answers consistent with the Quran, Sunnah, and fatwas of trusted religious scholars, without the need to search on the internet and social networking sites, which often lead to complicated, unclear, and mostly incorrect answers.

As artificial intelligence technology has become widely available, many people may turn to chatbots like ChatGPT for answers to their Islamic questions. However, it is important to recognize that these tools are not specifically designed or trained to address critical and sensitive issues related to faith and religion. Here we find the revolutionary alternative "Islamic AI" app that serves as an excellent replacement, allowing users to harness the power of artificial intelligence while ensuring they receive accurate and reliable answers in accordance with Islamic teachings.

"Islamic AI" connects you to the wealth of knowledge from authentic Arabic sources, unlocking their wisdom and making it available to you in your preferred language. Regardless of where you're from or which language you speak, "Islamic AI" understands the importance of catering to a global audience and helping them understand critical Islamic concepts. With advanced AI-driven translation capabilities, the app can accurately answer your questions by sourcing information from reliable sources in Arabic, translating it, and presenting it to you in your language. Experience the ease of learning with "Islamic AI" as it breaks down language barriers for better accessibility.

Some of the key features include:

◦ Get instant answers to your Islamic questions using advanced AI technology.
• The AI corrects the question before answering it, regardless of any errors.
◦ Access the full Quran to look up any verse and gain deeper insights.
• Report AI answers by rating them for accuracy and relevance.
◦ Bookmark your favorite content for easy access and review later on.
• AI-generated icons that visually represent your questions
◦ A variety of sheikh recitations to listen to Quranic verses
• Easy sharing of answers on social media
◦ Multilingual support for several languages, including Arabic, English, and more
• A clean and intuitive interface that makes it easy to find the information you need

Example of questions you can ask:

◦ What is the complete lineage of the Prophet?
◦ Why is listening to music considered haram?
◦ What is the story of Prophet Ayub?
◦ What is the meaning of the word 'At-Tariq' in the Quran
◦ What is the lesson learned from the story of the cow?
◦ What is the evidence for the obligation of hijab for women?
◦ How old was the Prophet when he passed away?
◦ Who is the father of Prophet Sulaiman?
◦ Do the jinn live in another realm?
◦ Is there evidence in the Quran for the evolution of humans?
◦ How can Jesus return as a prophet when the Prophet is the last?
◦ Is it permissible to fast the six days of Shawwal separately?
◦ Is Mary, the sister of Prophet Harun?
◦ Why did Ibrahim, ask Allah to show him how He resurrects the dead?
◦ What is better, to use the Tasbih or the hand for glorifying Allah?
◦ I have stomach pain, is there a Prophetic cure for this illness?
◦ Is it permissible to watch movies in Islam?
◦ Are there any miracles in the Quran scientifically proven?

Download "Islamic AI" today and embark on a journey toward understanding Islam better. Suitable for students, scholars, or individuals with general queries about Islamic teachings. Enhance your knowledge with this unique, user-friendly app.

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