About Multi: Stopwatch

Multi-Stopwatch extends your normal stopwatch with many useful additional functions.

Multiple stopwatches
• Stop several times simultaneously
• Use the 2 modes "Normal" and "Sprint". In "Normal" mode the stopwatches run in parallel. In "Switch" mode only one stopwatch runs at a time. If another stopwatch is started, the previous one pauses automatically.

Sprint Mode
• You want to track many runners, swimmers? Then the sprint mode is perfect for you
• The large buttons and the haptic feedback help to operate without having to look at the iPhone

• In addition to the iPhone app, Multi-Stopwatch is now also optimized for your iPad
• Use Multi-Stopwatch now on your Apple Watch

• Adjust the multi-stopwatch exactly to your needs
• Need a bigger toolbar? Do you want the times to be displayed to the nearest second? You can set it now
• You want to show the number of rounds and the last round, hide the name for it? You can set it now
• When you tap on the stopwatch, you don't want to stop the time but see details? You can set it now
• You can now set a different color and app icon as "Pro

• Unlock advanced features with a one-time in-app purchase
• Remove the advertisement or become "Pro".

Of course, the stopwatches also run in the background with millisecond accuracy.

Perfect e.g. for sports teachers, doctors, time recording, DLRG, races and much more.


You have questions, suggestions for new features or want to help with the translation of the app? Write me! You can reach me as follows:

email: [email protected]
Github: cpageler93

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