Hikbox is an app to manage smart storage device. With this app, you can share the information from the smart device to the mobile phone more conveniently, and realize the safe storage for photo, video, contacts, etc. what’s more, you can upload pictures in the camera or USB flash disk to this app automatically, and it is easy to be shared.
1. Auto Backup, Auto Classification
It can enable auto backup of phone album quickly to release phone memory. The backup files can be classified automatically. You don’t need to worry about insufficient free space or phone loss.
2. Deep Learning, Picture Recognition
Supports smart classification for pictures to People, Thing, Location with deep learning technology.
3. Accessible to You Anytime and Anywhere
View or get files via mobile phone or computer anytime and anywhere. The intelligent compression on pictures requires less bandwidth, to provide a better experience. Support online playing with any mainstream multi-media format.
4. Download Offline Resource
Control the home device remotely with the app to download blockbusters- no matter where you are.
5. One-Touch Multimedia Projection
Support one-touch projection via multiple ways like DLAN/AirPlay, from which you can enjoy a high definition video at home.
6. Video Surveillance, Real-Time Recording
Support connecting to the network camera to realize high definition and reliable video surveillance, and recording at home.
7. Connect Baidu Netdisk
Support Baidu Netdisk, to which you can transmit local file, such as video, picture to Baidu Netdisk.
8. View Files Online and Offline
View files in multiple formats (word, excel, ppt, pdf, text, etc.) online anytime and anywhere. Also you can cache files into your mobile phone and view them offline.
9. Decompress File Online
Supports decompressing zip. or tar. format package within 4 GB online.

Operating system: iOS 8.0 or above version. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

When Auto Background Backup is enabled, the GPS keeps connected even when the app is switched to background. The app will detect and backup latest album automatically if the location is changed. And more battery is consumed.

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4.3.0 (439.7 MB)
Apr 23, 2023
4+ Years
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Apr 13, 2023
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