About Contacts Grouping

Contacts Grouping is the most popular contact management software with easy-to-use.

1. Contact could be gathered in the groups automatically by company names.
2. Groups could be created, edited, or deleted freely.
3. You could also create, delete, and edit a single contact.
4. It support to search for contacts
5. And send email to all group members
6. Fantastic respond speed
7. Support to send sms/text to all group members(Just For iPhone)
8.You could change the group's sort
9.You could change the group's color
10.5 color app themes for choose.

Mark: English,Japanese,Chinese versions are available.

Additional Information
5.2.1 (47.9 MB)
Jan 17, 2023
4+ Years
First Released
Mar 15, 2011
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