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Organize and prioritize your life with this intelligent task management system. LifeNotes To Do's tasks and notes helps you track your everyday tasks and long term goals, prioritize them, and help you bring balance to your life. Share your goals and folders with friends and coworkers! A robust system of Tags allows you to search and organize the items your way!

Beautiful and easy to use. The power and speed is there when you need it!

These features and more:

- Landscape and Portrait mode fully supported.

- Organize your folders with true hierarchical folders.

- Sub-tasks, sub-folders, and sub-projects! Our Projects and recurring Checklist features are very intuitive.

- An Unfilled Items organizer to store quick lists and notes. Move items to Projects organizer when you have the time.

- True collaboration. Share your folders and goals with friends and coworkers.

- Free and securely sync service allows you to sync your tasks wirelessly to backup and share across your iOS devices. Sync is very fast… usually under 1/2 second.

- Rich text notes and journaling.

- Local Notifications and multiple alarms.

- Recurring events. Repeat based on specific intervals -or- by completion date.

- Due by, Due before, Due after for due dates. Add time or just on the day.

- Star your tasks and notes to bring them to the top of your Tasks list.

- Use Priority, assign Work Time, and mark Status with your Tasks and Notes. Shared items status and priority will sync across devices for detailed information as to what you are working on.

- Custom Status and pre-defined status so you can detail how your tasks progress.

- Time Estimate allows you to keep track of when you need to start a task. LifeNotes To Do will automatically increase the importance of your tasks at the beginning of your work time, so you know what you should be working on now.

- Smart Tag Lists. You can keep and access your boolean tag and location searches (such as "tag x and y in location z" or "tag x or y") in easily accessible lists to access your data in new ways.

- Defer entire projects or folders or just individual items with "Pause". Keep your Tasks list clean!

- View All Tasks or filter by Location, Project, or Smart List!

- Automatic bumping of the importance of neglected tasks. Goals you neglect will increase in priority automatically so your life can be kept in balance.

- Hierarchical assignment of Tags and Locations. Assign a tag to a folder and all the folders and items inherit that tag. No longer do you have to tag every item!

- Easy addition, deletion, moving, and archiving of items.

- Bundled help included with app.

- Feedback option in app Settings tab. Online support through web portal using forums, or through email at [email protected]. You choose!

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We want your feedback! We are working tirelessly until this is feature for feature the best to do application around. We have a lot planned to take the social organizer side of this application in incredible new directions.

Of course we would love to see great reviews from everyone. If there is anything that keeps you from being completely satisfied, please contact us. We have had some great feedback already, and many of the improvements that are coming out these next months are due to our customers thoughtful suggestions and feedback!

If you are having any difficulties or have feature requests, please contact us through the feedback in the app preferences, or email us at [email protected]. We have no way of replying to iTunes reviews, and we promise to do everything we can to help you or address your suggestions. We listen!

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