About RenoPlan: Floor Plan Creator

RenoPlan helps anyone -- whether home contractors, interior designers, sales reps, architects, DIYers -- to quickly and accurately measure residential homes or office buildings to create floor plans and project estimates. The app can handle just about measuring jobs, like room drawings, doors, windows, kitchen countertops/cabinets, tubs, and showers.

RenoPlan makes it easy for your renovation, remodeling and restoration projects. As you create your plan, the app automatically calculates floor, wall areas and perimeters of room areas so as to estimate product usages. This can mean big savings for your projects.

It is handy to create estimates and invoices with attached floor plan diagrams and photos, so professionals like contractors can win a job and get client signatures on the spot. And when the job is done, send an invoice to the client to get paid faster.

RenoPlan leverages your device's powerful AR (ARKit) and LiDAR capabilities to measure room in seconds, which will be very handy in the accuracy-insensitive scenarios.

For professional projects, RenoPlan is integrated with Leica Disto, Bosch, and DeWalt laser meters, capable of measuring room quickly and accurately. With the app, you can also markup and attach site measurements and photos, which can be included in a professional report.

Supported laser models:

- Leica Disto D1, D2, E7100i
- Bosch GLM 50C, 100C, 120C, 150C, 400C, 400CL
- DeWALT DW099S, DW0165S, DW0330S
- Moasure One (New)

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