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Are you in search of a free barcode QR code reader & generator?
A qr code reader & creator that is completely free and blazing fast?

Meet Barcode – QR Bar Code Scanner and Reader that is designed with utmost simplicity so you can scan and get the needed data quickly and easily. No more wasting time on scan qr apps that don’t work or a super-slow.

Just open the app and aim it at the barcode or QR code. Our state-of-the-art fast data matrix scanning will scan the qr-code or barcode and provide you with the data in seconds.

QR BarCode Reader helps you scan, decode and create all the QR codes / Barcode around you, including contact, detail, plain text, website URL, telephone number, SMS message, email address, email message, calendar event, locations, and more. Additionally, with our scanner app, you can open web links within the app.

Unlike most bar codes & qr scanner apps, our app is designed to keep a history of your scanned data just in case you needed in the future. And there is unlimited storage for your history, making it perfect for users that frequently scan qr codes and barcodes.

Are you organizing an event or simply want to create a qr code for yourself or your business? Our app can help you generate qr codes fast and easy. Simply tap the “Create” section, enter the needed data, and get your qr codes. Then, distribute and share them with ease.

- Fastest QR Code, Barcode and Data Matrix scanning
- Create your own QR codes and Barcode (Export as an image)
- Auto decode all types of QR codes and Barcode: contact details, plain text, website URL, telephone number, SMS message, email address, email
a message, calendar event, locations...
- Scan Barcodes & QR codes from photos in your Photo Library
- Open web links directly in the app
- Unlimited storage for scan history
- Share by email, text message, Facebook or Twitter

Now transform your life towards consuming or sharing information in an easier and more convenient way.

►► Get Barcode - QR Bar Code Scanner now for FREE.

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