About e: allocator

e-allocator is an on-line resource scheduling system for groups and clubs with private membership.

To log into this app, you need to have an e-allocator account.

e-allocator allows members of your club or group to make on-line bookings for whatever resources are shared among the membership.

This is not a system for booking airline flights, hotel rooms or theatre tickets; it is your organization's or group's resources that the system allocates.

The system provides an on-line booking service, and can be used across a wide range of applications such as private aircraft and boat ownership syndicates, sports and recreational clubs, and time-share facilities.

Here are some possible scenarios where e-allocator could be used:

- You run a club or group, and you would like to allow club members to make reservations for club facilities.

- You are a part-owner of a light aircraft or boat, in which co-owners allocate time slots for themselves to use the resource.

- You hire out conference rooms, lecture rooms, banqueting facilities or guest rooms, and you need an on-line booking system you and your staff can use to allocate resources to customers.

e-allocator(TM) is a trademark of Dragon Technology Ltd.

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