About Stage Write

Stage Write is the best method to capture choreography, staging blocking for theatrical productions of all sizes. Upload the ground plans and scenery and track the positions, movement of performers and scenery throughout the production. Create your calling script by uploading your script and easily entering cues and notes. Stage Write allows you to add collaborators to your production and share/sync data seamlessly between you and your team and sync across devices.


- Import scenic ground plan (or draw your own)
- Import script PDF to your production.
- Easily add light cues, sound cues, blocking notes into the script.
- Track the movement of performers, scenery, and props.
- Use your iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to freehand draw traffic patterns and movement of performers, scenery.
- Link spacing charts to portions of the script.
- Add collaborators to easily edit and sync across devices.
- Create a Calling Script showing the blocking and cues at-a-glance.
- Work on or off-line and sync data across devices.
- Sync data automatically to other collaborators
- Create custom number line
- Detail choreography and staging with The Staging Score.
- Create PDF of combined charts and script or score to easily print.
- Document choreography aligned with the counts in the music.

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Apr 23, 2023
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Aug 06, 2018
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