About ReSIZER: Simple Photo Resizer

ReSIZER is a simple tool for changing the size of images!
Resize multiple images simultaneously, and display or delete Exif and location data attached to your images.

* This app is a must for anyone who wants to resize the size of images! *
- Select a photo directly from your camera roll and change its size.
- Zoom in to preview changes made to size and quality in real time.
- Resize multiple images simultaneously.
- Set a default size and image quality for future use.
- Keep your privacy, with image processing done locally within your device.
- Easily share your resized images on multiple social networks.
- Protect your privacy by deleting Exif and location data, etc.

Resize images without changing the quality of high definition images.
Share resized images effortlessly to your favorite social networking platforms.

Select from several predefined sizes to resize to - or set your own custom size.
You can also select the quality of the photo you wish to save.

Perfect for organizing your smartphone's photos, or cutting down on wasting storage space on your device.
All images from the camera roll are processed locally, so there is no worry about uploading to external servers.

Now, with Ver.1.6, there is a brand new "Multiple Image Resize" feature.
This makes resizing batches of images quick and simple!

Resize your photos! Quick, simple and no fuss!

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Jan 19, 2021
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Jun 23, 2018
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