About Chet: Ear Training

Chet is a music education app with a focus on ear training and music theory. Learn at your own pace, play musical games, and compete against others from around the world!

Using Chet helps you to become a more well-rounded, versatile musician. With a trained ear, you can learn songs more quickly, play with others more easily and feel confident in your overall musical abilities!

- Multiple choice questions that challenge you to identify music theory concepts.
- Call and response questions using a virtual piano, guitar, or bass.
- MIDI compatible... so plug in your MIDI keyboard if you have one!
- Guided learning paths for beginner and intermediate users.
- A library of exercises including intervals, scales, arpeggios, chords, progressions, tonal sequences, famous tunes, and atonal sequences.
- Challenge games with competitive global leaderboards.
- Professionally recorded music performed by world-class musicians.
- A variety of musical genres including jazz, classical, pop and more.
- A practice mode that uses spaced repetition.
- Sign in to track your progress and compete with other musicians.
- Never run out of ways to keep learning with regular updates and new content.

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