About Assassin's sword Fight: creeds

Assassin sword fight is the best fighting game with Assassin and samurai warrior.

This time survival games production presents classic 2.5D game of action with adventure, Revenge story of a little samurai ninja fighter, revive queen of your state. Kill all the ninja mutant enemies who come in front of you, smash these enemies with a ninja sword hero. Collect coins from subways, bridges to customize your kungfu ninja fighter costume and swords with those golden coins. Go with the story and find keys to unlock the temple entrance. Be a tricks master while crossing the bridges and climbing like the fight hero swings and pay attention while crossing fire checkpoints in the temple. Simple and smooth controls to run on the subway and jump like swings.

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1.6 (100.1 MB)
Jun 07, 2022
4+ Years
First Released
Dec 18, 2019
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