About Sampath Bank Mobile App

Another revolutionary banking product by Sampath Bank, providing a user-friendly platform to engage in banking from anywhere. Enjoy a world of convenience by installing Sampath App.

---- App Features ----

1. Account Balance Inquiry

*View account balances of primary and other savings or current accounts

*View card balances of primary and other credit cards

*Transaction History

*View loan balances of all acquired loans

*View deposit balances of primary and other fixed deposit

*View last 10 transactions of the primary bank account as quick transaction history

*Search for transaction history by date range

*View Transaction date, Description, Transaction Amount,

*Account Balance of transaction history

2. Transfer Money

*Facility to transfer money to following types of accounts and methods
1.Own Accounts Transfer
2.Third Party Transfers (Sampath Accounts)
3.Personal Payees
4.Other Credit Cards
5.Sampath Mobile Cash

*If transfer online is selected, user can transfer money by providing following parameters

*Receive status upon transferring money

3. Make payments

*Facility to make bill payments & other payments in following types

*Able to make payments by providing following parameters

4. Send Mobile Cash

*Send mobile cash from selected account by providing following details

*Receive status upon sending cash

5. Personalization/Customization for user

*Instantly view a list of their most frequent actions (e.g. Transfers & Payments)
*Can customize their dashboard, menu or interface to suit user needs (tab view or not)
*Can personalize their language of the mobile app (Sinhala/Tamil/English)

6. Non-banking features

*Able to authenticate to the services by using built-in fingerprint scanner or face recognition if the device supports it. It is essential to log-in using user name and password once to enable this service.

*Able to view Sampath bank branches and ATM locations
Browse ATM locations in the map

*Able to find branches and ATM, near to the current location of the user

*Facility to select a ATM or a branch and get directions to it

*Facility to select a branch and make a telephone call

*Retrieves up-to-date exchange rates from bank servers & facilitate users to convert amounts from one currency to another, like a currency calculator

*Lists all the customer communication channels of the bank such as hotline, email, social media channels & support chat services

7.Financial Calculator features

*Able to calculate maturity values, investments, interests, returns, monthly payments by providing amounts, interest rates and periods of following financial areas.
Normal Fixed Deposits
Certificates of Deposits
Kalin Cash Deposits

8.Comprehensive Alerts

*User can register by entering NIC number and subscribes to transaction alerts
Receive transaction alerts in real-time when transaction occurs in user’s account(s)
View debited/credited amount in alert description
Receive promotional notifications sent by Sampath Bank

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Nov 27, 2022
4+ Years
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Oct 30, 2018
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