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Start splitting your bill the smart way using SplitNow

SplitNow is one of the simplest way to split a bill among friends. When you’re out with your friends, splitting the bill can get complicated especially when most of the solution doesn’t work or get too complicated.

SplitNow is specially crafted by a bunch of developers who are frustrated with the current available solution. SplitNow doesn’t automatically detect all items in the receipt as that normally won’t work well from our experience. Instead of automatically detect each items, we allow user to tap on the items to claim them. The price of the item will automatically added to your portion.

Here’s how it works:
• Launch SplitNow and take a photo of your receipt.
• Choose your friends from history list.
• Tap on the item price to claim them.
• View and share the summaries with your friends.

Now that’s the basic stuff, SplitNow also support more advance feature just in case you needed it.
• Friends can select the same item if they shared it.
• Tax, discount and extra charge are automatically divided proportionally.

If you have any questions or problem, please kindly send us an email at [email protected]. Note that if you leave a support question in the comments we won't be able to write you back, so just send us an email instead. Thanks

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