About Mikuture

Mikuture is a secondary creation app that allows live-action synthesis AR of Hatsune Miku.

◆This app is Crypton Future Media informal application.

◆ there are times when it is not displayed even if the camera permissions only the first time you launch.
You will be reflected in that you restart the app.

It is assumed that if you want to use the information or this service, and have agreed to the following disclaimer,
Suppose that you want to use is the responsibility of the individual.

・Because of your use of this application, regard any loss or damage, such as trouble makers we assume that it does not matter any responsibility.

This work is based on the Peia Pro · Character License Krypton · Future Media Co., Ltd. Character
"Hatsune Miku"
"Kagamine Rin & Len"
"Megurine Luka"
It depicts.

  "Yukari Yuzuki" is a registered trademark of VOCALOMAKETS (Bumpy Factory Co., Ltd.).

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3.2.3 (134.7 MB)
Mar 08, 2021
12+ Years
First Released
Jul 20, 2014
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