About DanceDreamMV MMD LiveSimulator

You can combine over 50 dances to create your own dance stage!
Let's freely combine characters, dance, music, stage, background, and effects.
The combination pattern is infinite

■ How to play
□ Setting button
Purchase and set characters, dance, music, stage, background, and effects with coins.
Up to 5 characters can be set at the same time.

□ Random custom dance button
Determine the order of dance playback.
・ Random setting
The dance will be played randomly from the purchased dances.
The random button numbers are from 1 to 5,
If you want everyone to dance the same dance, set the same number.
If you want everyone to dance with different configurations, set numbers 1 to 5 for each character.

・ Custom button
You can set the dances in any order from the purchased dances.
After registering the dance, you can play it by setting the registered dance set to the character.

■ Notes
Hatsune Miku, the character of MMD (MikuMikuDance)
Reimu, Marisa, Alice and other Touhou characters have not been approved, so
I can't make it appear. Please note.
In the future, we will continue to update the characters for which permission has been obtained. Thank you for your cooperation.

■ Recommended for people like this
・ Those who like to watch dance
・ Those who like creation
・ Those who want to enjoy MMD easily
・ Music lovers
・ Those who want to study dance
・ Those who want to see the dance from various angles
・ Those who want to see the smile of the character
・ Those who like live performances
・ I like cute characters
・ I like cool characters

■ Characters appearing
・ Victoria
・ Sendagaya Shibu
・ Alicia Solid
・ Nakano Sisters Kano
・ Nakano Sisters Naka
・ Sakurada Fumiya
・ Satsuki (Samidare)
・ Ukon (Kitsunetsuki-sama)
・ Professional student
・ Aoi-chan
・ Bandage girl mako-chan
・ Kindergarten near
・ Voxel girl
・ Kana-chan
・ Muryotaisu
・ Lilietta(上海海老焼飯店)

■ Update information
1/17 Translation improvement
1/24 User interface improvement
2/5 Character increase
2/9 Added Vtuber
2/23 Added Vtuber & corrected character behavior
3/11 Addition of camera work function & increase of characters
4/1 VRoid Hub cooperation function added(There are terminal restrictions)

Additional Information
1.2.6 (1.1 GB)
Feb 10, 2022
12+ Years
First Released
Jan 09, 2021
App Store ID
Available on
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