Universe created by fans , Let's THEKKING!
THEKKING is a global platform for K-Culture loving fandoms around the world.

- MY IDOL TO NEW YORK!! 100% Fan Voting 1st place, New York Times Square advertisement is provided as a reward!!
- K-POP, K-Drama, and K-Celeb candidates representing Korea will start a fierce real-time ranking battle.
For the 1st overall in the monthly FANPICK RANKING, THEKKING provides major worldwide spot advertisements as a gift.
- Even special Birthday Ranking for K-POP idols who have their birthdays every month!

- A special gift that contains the sincerity of the fans!! Express your feelings at THEKKING now!
- Opportunity for fans to directly open support for the artist's special day to make advertisements!

3. Free charge
- Tips for fans for my idol! Free points are provided when you play at THEKKING!
- Free advertising (mission type/video ad) service provided with more variety and more benefits!

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The access rights required when using the THEKKING app are as follows.

- Email (required): Purpose of collecting member identification information
- Device information (required): Access for device identification and network status check
- Camera (optional): Taking pictures when registering content
- Photo library (optional): Attach library when registering content
- App push (optional): Receive service notifications and push messages

Required access rights are collected only for items that are absolutely necessary to use the app service.
In the case of selective access rights, consent is obtained when using the function, and normal service use is possible without consent.

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