I’m obsessed with this room! I was in love with that table so as soon as I new we were moving, I went to @ikeaqatar to get it and shipped it all the way alhamdulillah. I was not sure about the chairs and I didn’t like the furniture shops I was visiting in Islamabad, my style is more eclectic (boho, industrial and scandi are my fav), so the classic, mid centurish and rococó styles here were not making the cut. Finally, I found @meeshanhome , bought the chairs online and they sent them all the way from Lahore. After setting the furniture, I thought of making something special for the wall and I started painting again! Shout out to @jotunqatar (I shipped my paints with my furniture 😂) and alhamdulillah I found a Jotun shop here in Pakistan for the other colors. The murals would never be the same without the quality of the paint. The result is sooo inspiring! I love hosting people so that was my drive, and in shaa Allah after all Covid madness, friends and family can come over and spent time with us. May Allah SWT grant us with homes filled with love and beautiful things. . . . . . . . . . . . #islamabad #islamabadhomes #mural #muralart #renterfriendly #wallpaint #walldecor #jotunpaint #pakistan #art #wallart #alhamdulillahforeverything #muralartist #homedecor #homemaking #qatar #artstudio #artist #journalcoach #itsjustpaint #paint #interiordesign #interiordesignideas #diningarea #diningroomdesign #diningroom
Download Dining Room Design / Decoration Ideas & Inspiration (Simple, Small, Modern, Luxury)- #774403
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