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The new BILSTEIN app allows you to find the right shock absorbers, springs, replacement parts and suspension from the entire BILSTEIN range, anytime, anywhere. The app uses the internet database of the BILSTEIN catalogue, so the content is always totally up-to-date.
The app takes you directly to the article you want. Just select a vehicle manufacturer, model series, vehicle type and component, and you will immediately be shown the corresponding results from the BILSTEIN range.
ThyssenKrupp BILSTEIN Tuning GmbH is one of the leading international specialists in suspension technology. For cars and utility vehicles, both older and of the latest generation, BILSTEIN will provide you with high-quality shock absorbers, springs, or entire suspension sets to OEM standard.
BILSTEIN products are a benefit for every vehicle – both in terms of sportiness and visual appearance, and in terms of safety, comfort and spare part availability. And most importantly of all, you receive long-lasting vehicle components ”Made in Germany” that have been tested and optimised by the BILSTEIN experts in real road trials.
(Distribution partners of BILSTEIN can log in with their user data and place orders using the app.)
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Jan 25, 2023
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