About My Photo Keyboard Theme
Hey you want make colorful & beautiful theme backgrounds for your mobile keyboard ? Then installs 'My Photo Keyboard Theme'. Select Keyboard background from phone gallery by click on 'Pic photo from gallery' or select background from Settings. And also option to crop with different style for sleeted image from gallery to set keyboard background. You have an option to set different types of key Style, Key's text color and also we provide beautiful keyboard themes, you can chose out of them to set for keyboard Theme.

Apply My Photo Theme for Keyboard:

1) Click Settings App:Click Settings App-> go to Language and Input (Key Board)->select 'My Photo Keyboard Theme' then click on 'Default' final you can select 'My Photo KeyBoard Theme'.

2) Direct Settings:Click (Keyboard and input method)->select 'My Photo Keyboard Theme' then click on 'Chose input method' select 'My Photo KeyBoard Theme."


* Select Pic from gallery & Crop to set keyboard background.
* 8 varieties of key styles and option to set keyboard background.
* 4 types of text colors we offers for this key board.
* some Emoji keys are included few more coming in soon..
* 10 different types of themes we offered for keyboard. Its include Love, Sunset, Water Drops, Rose Flower, Aquarium, Beach, Colors Balls, Orchids Flowers Theme to set keyboard background to make more beautiful for your keyboard.

This Theme keyboard replace with board old keyboard.

This app Designed for the reason while typing or doing task on keyboard you can remember your loved ones with keyboard profile and Make peaceful mindset while typing on beauty full theme keyboard..
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