About Encryptor
Users can use this app to encrypt some text they wanted to share, they need to input the password in order to encrypt the text. And at the receiving end the other user will get a encrypted text which will look something like this : [Ravh4bnn2ugf43434434p3bvu3fnj3upoen3i4] which makes no sense, but on using the password (the password used by the first user to create the encrypted message) we can decrypt the message to get the message that the first user encrypted. There is another way of sharing the encrypted messages, as QR-Codes, in this method the user can generate a QR-Code by using the features of the app which can be shared directly from the app itself via other apps. And this Qr-Code can also be printed. The message in this QR-Code can be Cracked only by using the password that the first users used in order to create the Code.
App created by Dominic Walter For LOF Labs
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Dec 25, 2020
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