About 30Body
30Body is pioneering a new, non-invasive way to shed pounds and lose inches WITHOUT having to starve, exercise excessively, or undergo painful and risky surgical procedures.
Our innovative protocols will not only help you rapidly lose fat, but will reset your basil metabolic rate. What does that mean for you? Lose up to 20 pounds in as little as 30 days, but unlike traditional rapid weight loss program, you can keep the weight off this time!! No more yo-yo dieting, the fat comes off and stays off! Our nutrition protocol along with red light therapy full body fat reduction and tri-planar whole body vibration will have you back in your “skinny” jeans in no time!
We’ve combined the following features into one seamless experience:
Seach offerings and schedule appointments at any of our locations
Access your 3D body scans, tracking your weight loss and body contouring progress
Obtain helpful eating tips, recipes and nutritional assistance
give you access to join our healthy protocol remotely
Purchase a personal coaching and training sessions
Purchase a red light contouring package
Manage all aspects of your account
Make, change, remove appointments and track your remaining sessions

20 Reasons to use our unique redlight devices and protocols vs others on the market:
1. Increases Fat Loss and Burns off fat!
2. Speeds up Wound Healing and Scarring
3. Reduces Cellulite
4. Promotes Firmer, Smoother, More Radiant Skin
5. Reverses Skin Aging, Helping Skin Appear More Youthful
6. Improves Brain Health and Cognitive Performance
7. Slows Hair Loss and Stimulates Hair Growth
8. Improves Sleep Quality and Helps You to Fall Asleep Faster
9. Increases Energy Levels and Combats Chronic Fatigue
10. Combats Fibromyalgia and Fights Hashimoto’s Hyperthyroidism
11. Decreases Pain
12. Lowers Inflammation and Potential Inflammation-Related Diseases
13. Improves Circulation
14. Helps Tendonitis, Combats Arthritis and Improves Overall Joint Health
15. Improves Body Detoxification Ability
16. Improves Oral Health
17. Enhances Muscle Gain, Strength, Endurance and Recovery
18. Delays Onset of Muscle Fatigue During Workouts
19. Increases Oxygen Intake and Decreases Shortness of Breath
20. Reduces Delayed/Onset Muscle Soreness.

30Body Utilizes:
Top of the line red light therapy contouring beds that provide full-body fat reduction
The most advance tri-planar whole body vibration equipment on the market
Non-starvation, healthy eating protocol and drops scientifically proven to reset your Basil metabolic rate
Skinny shots (also known as lipotropic injections) are a blend of vitamins and amino acids that are injected weekly into the body to boost metabolism, increase energy, and aid in weight loss.
Semaglutide injections work by mimicking a hormone in your body that controls appetite, which can help reduce hunger and make you feel fuller for longer periods of time. When combined with our core modalities, semaglutide can be a powerful tool for weight loss while avoiding the muscle loss and sudden weight gain when you stop the injections.
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