About Aumio: Family Sleep Meditation
Aumio is a sleep sounds and meditation app for the whole family. With our weekly updates of original audio books and bedtime stories for kids, sleep meditation, and kids yoga, we have empowered over 200,000 children and parents worldwide to lead a family life full of mindfulness and mental health. Hundreds of short bedtime stories for kids, meditation, and soundscapes help children sleep better and enjoy relaxed family moments. Based on science, yet truly magical, and recommended by children. Sleep better with Aumio.

Sleep better with Aumio baby sleep sounds and kids meditation app:
- New original content regularly - all about baby music, audio books, bedtime stories, kids yoga and meditation for kids, toddlers, babies, and parents
- A free introductory course where children learn the basics of sleep meditation, kids yoga, relaxation, and mindfulness
- For all children from 0-10 years - Aumio's different short stories, and baby songs are suitable for all children
- Playful tools for better mental health and baby sleep
- Sleep meditation, mindfulness exercises, and kids yoga for children and toddlers who love action
- SOS Exercises: Quick help for emergency situations like homework or other challenging moments for parents
- 5-7 minute short stories for kids and exercises to help your child calm the chaos in their head
- Daily changing missions, and mindfulness exercises.
- A constantly growing number of premium content and courses on topics such as anxiety, concentration, or restlessness
- All audio books and bedtime stories for kids, baby sleep sounds, lullaby music for babies, and kids yoga exercises are based on scientific evidence and developed specifically with and for children and families
- Ad-free, no data collection, usable in flight mode
- Aumio baby sleep sounds and kids meditation app is listed in the kidSAFE program

Make your evening the most relaxing family time of the day. Listen to one of our stories right now, and take your child on a journey through the Aumioversum.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to help children sleep better through audio books and bedtime stories for kids, baby sleep sounds, and lullaby music for babies, relax easier, and manage their emotions, thanks to kids yoga and meditation. With Aumio baby sleep sounds and kids meditation app, you get access to hundreds of pieces of content on topics like:
- Children, toddlers, and baby sleep
- Meditation, mindfulness, and concentration
- Stress, relaxation, and anxiety

Our rocket launch offer:
Sleep better today. Start and test all audio books, bedtime stories, baby sleep sounds, and kids meditation & yoga exercises in our free trial period. The free content and your progress will of course remain with you after the trial period.

You have something you want to tell us? Then we would be happy if you sent us an e-mail to [email protected]. P.S.: If your family likes the journey through our short stories for kids, please rate us here in the store.

Our conditions:
To continuously operate and improve our bedtime stories, lullaby and baby music, yoga, and meditation exercises, you can support us with a subscription. In addition to the free content, subscriptions give you access to exclusive premium content.

Subscriptions renew automatically unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your account will be charged for the next subscription term within 24 hours before the current subscription expires. The current in-app subscription term cannot be canceled. However, you can disable the auto-renew feature at any time through account settings.

Our detailed terms and conditions and privacy policy:
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