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Evolve 21: The CPF Challenge

Evolve 21 lets you participate in a thoughtful, state-of-the art wellness program which will change the way you see yourself and the world.

And while you do, the app also allows you to help support the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, whose work is changing the world for people with disabilities.

Each day, choose a simple seven minute routine of cardio exercise, yoga, or meditation. Track your progress for 21 days and unlock achievement awards that show your evolution.

All the programs are designed by experts to help you really make a difference in your health and well-being.

Evolve 21 is also designed to make it easy to raise dollars from friends, family members, and professional colleagues. With a simple email or photo, show people effort you're making and the impact you're having. And ask them to help. You'll be amazing at the support you'll feel.

Every hour another child is born with CP. In just 7 minutes, you can help make their lives better.

Evolve 21 lets you choose from all these 7 minute workouts!
- Cardio (High Intensity, Agility, or Strength)
- Yoga (Balance, Tone, Flow)
- Meditation (about 7 minutes each)

Choose one type of program, or mix them up daily.

All areas have adaptive exercises to address a variety of abilities and disabilities.

Select the exercises that feel right for you and we’ll build a daily workout around YOUR needs!

Invite friends and family to:
1. Support your efforts
2. Do Evolve 21 with you.

Customize your fundraising page:
1. Customize your message
2. Set fundraising goals
3. Add photos
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