About Easy Vision Exam
★Easily check your vision with your smartphone

【App description】
An application that allows you to easily check your vision simply by flicking the screen on your smartphone. (Tablets are also supported).
Set the distance from your eyes to your smartphone to change the size of the exam mark (Landolt ring/E chart) displayed according to the set distance.

Measurement results can be recorded each time, allowing you to easily track your eyesight and differences between your left and right eyes on a monthly basis.

Due to physical device restrictions, it is difficult to ensure a completely accurate vision exam, so please only use the results as a guideline.

For example, you can use the app when renewing your driver's license or as practice/mental preparation before a vision exam at your health checkup!

【A simple interface】
Unlike vision exam apps where you input your response by tapping a button, this app uses flick input, allowing you to maintain a natural posture throughout the test even when measuring with a smartphone.

Response buttons are positioned on both sides of the screen in consideration of the fact that tablets are held with both hands, so you can input responses with your dominant hand.

【E-chart and Landolt ring sizes displayed with accuracy】
Set the distance between your smartphone and your eyes to display E charts or Landolt rings on your screen in a size according to the distance set.

The same optotype size will be shown on displays with different specifications since dpi and resolution are acquired for each device.

In general, there are no problems with the default settings, but you can also manually adjust the settings using a quarter or ruler.

【Keep a record of your vision】
You can record and track your vision measurement results.
In addition to the date and vision result, other measurement conditions include the eye(s) examined, whether the measurement was taken of your naked eye, and whether or not you were wearing glasses or contacts, allowing for easy review of detailed measurements.

Results can also be reordered and narrowed down to display items such as only the exam results of the right eye or of the naked eye, or the oldest measurements first.

【Choose from E chart/Landolt rings exam marks】
This app supports English and Japanese.

Accordingly, available exam optotype options include the E chart used in English-speaking countries, and the Landolt ring used in Japan.
The optotype option does not affect the measurement method, so select the one that is easy for you to use.

【Unique features in the settings】
The main purpose of the app is obviously to measure vision, but a little bit of playfulness has also been added in.

You can choose from 4 theme colors, so customize the screen to your liking!

In addition, you can tweak settings according to your needs, choosing from options like sound effects for correct/incorrect vision exam responses, and the starting level of vision.
Apparently there's also a hidden feature at the bottom of the settings screen ...?

Since the resolution and brightness of the display will vary depending on the specs and settings of your device, it is not possible to test your vision with complete accuracy.
Please use only as a guideline, and visit a specialized institution for accurate measurements.

Illustrations : TOPECONHEROES / しのみ / yu nakajima / たいこ / 村人 / しじみ / イラストAC
Fonts : M+ FONTS
Sound Effects : OtoLogic

・The developer is not responsible for any damage to the user that occurs due to using this application.
・The specifications of this app may be changed, revised, or updated, and the app or its service may be terminated without prior notice. Your understanding is appreciated.
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