About Truk Oleng Simulator Muat Sapi
Truk Oleng Simulator Muat Sapi is a quite realistic truck driving simulation in urban areas.
On the road you will find many pocongs that you will transport using the truck and you will take it to your destination points.
Truck Oleng Simulator Pocong is equipped with telolet horns that number in the tens and you can add them at certain levels.
You are a real truck driver. Delivering pocong passengers from cities to other city terminals through amazing places and sights in Indonesia.

Obey traffic signs, and take many pocongs out of town, turn on the telolet horn to the children around, and deliver all pocongs in all corners of cities in Indonesia to complete all interesting and unique missions!

and then you can return to the garage to upgrade the engine, wheels, livery, horn, telolet and many more.
And don't forget to turn on the unique STROBO as the day turns to night!

New features that have been added:
- Load cow and drop cow missions to the animal market
- mission to sound telolet when there are children om telolet om on the side of the road
- every cow that is transported will fit in the back of the truck
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Mar 21, 2023
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