About Buriedbornes2: Dungeon RPG
* Easy to play ✕ Severe adventure again

Buriedbornes2 is the sequel to the easy-to-play turn-based dungeon RPG series.
The popular series, which has surpassed 2.5M total users, has evolved in a form that is easier to play and more freely enjoyable.
Choose between 2 options for the room you want to progress in, decide which items you want to obtain, choose from up to 5 skills to use next, and more...
The simple, non-real-time operation allows you to enjoy a serious adventure where death is the only thing you have to worry about.

* The battle of the dead and the cooperative "Union"

The world is on the brink of ruin due to the invasion of the "Ancient Overlord" and his army of corpses, a threat suggested by the most ancient prophecies.
You will repeatedly challenge dangerous dungeons by acquiring corpses, altering them, and using the forbidden "Buriedbornes" art of possessing their souls.
It is a hopeless battle with no redemption or end, yet mankind has not given up on everything yet.
In various parts of the world, communities of survivors, each with their own goals, continue to resist.
By helping each other with them, we may find hope.

* Races, jobs, origins, equipments, skills, runes... countless combinations

At the start of the adventure, character creation is possible by selecting the race, job, and origin of the corpse to be used.
Each legendary equipments that can be found in each dungeon has its own unique abilities.
Up to 5 skills can be held, each of which can be set with up to 5 skill runes that can also be obtained in dungeons.
These elements allow you to build your tactics freely from a myriad of options.
You can build your builds systematically, or you can improvise and discover powerful builds through unexpected coincidences.
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Dec 03, 2023
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