About Meta Rivals
Meta Rivals is a battle Royale esport game based on blockchain technology.

● Win-to-Earn: Real Tournament Real Reward
● Over $4000 dollar prize per month
● Complete quests to qualify for free NFT airdrops
● Win and earn Trophy Point (TP), 1 TP = $
● Redeem USDT or $
● Challenge other online players in PvP, battle royal games.
● Join now Free play and test your skill!

The game’s objective is to take down opponents' snakes and consume the gold bars left in their wake to gain gold points. Feeding on gems scattered around the arena elongates the length of a snake. Meta Snakes die whenever their heads strike another Snake's tail or an obstacle. They respawn with a 5% deduction to their gold score and return to their initial length. At the end of
the game, the player with the highest gold point wins.

Subduing Opponents
Players must be skilful at forcing opponents into mistakes by strategically cornering their snakes into awkward positions and grabbing as many gold bars as possible before time runs out. Having a longer and faster Snake makes it easier to hunt down other players.

Alternatively, players can damage an opponent's Snake with direct attacks from projectiles and bombs. Snakes can shoot flames at opponents or leave bombs that detonate on a timer. A Snake's health bar reduces every time they suffer a blow. Snakes die when their health bar goes to zero. Any direct head shot or damage to the head will kill the snake immediately.

The purpose is to kill and collect the gold bar from the dead snake within 3 mins time. Player who collected the most gold bar win the tournament.

Meta Cards
Meta Cards are upgradeable game characters minted on the Polygon blockchain as NFTs. And so, holders can trade them on any open NFT marketplace. You can think of MetaCards as NFTs representing a unique class of game characters. We roll out the first batch of Meta Cards to
early players at the BETA stage. We will be airdropping a total of 5,000 to 10,000 NFTs.

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