About Finance: Expense control
Organize your personal finances in an agile, simple and intuitive way, record all your transactions and track your expenses.

With our application you will be able to make a detailed follow-up of all your movements, manage multiple accounts, obtain a summary of income, expenses and the balance month by month, we also have reports that generate powerful graphics that will help you understand where your money is going, too. you will be able to save and customize categories of income and expenses as you wish and enjoy all these tools with a beautiful user interface.

• Record your daily transactions instantly
• Tracking of expenses and income
• View the balance of each month
• Powerful and beautiful graphics
• Reports of expenses and income by categories
• Reports of expenses and income by accounts
• Reports of expenses and income per month
• Reports of expenses and income per year
• Customize the categories to your liking
• Manage multiple accounts at the same time
• Records transfers between accounts
• Balance of all your accounts always in sight
• Daily transaction reminder
• Set the currency or currency of your country
• Protect your information with a password
• Multiple themes
• Dark mode
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Dec 15, 2023
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