About Tikkie
Asking for your money back and paying back other people doesn’t have to be difficult. Tikkie lets your friends pay you back quickly and easily over WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger or by text message. And it’s really easy to transfer money with Tikkie, no matter where you bank. Anyone can use Tikkie!

When to use Tikkie
Tikkie comes in handy when you have paid for someone else and you want your money back, or when someone else has paid for you and you need to pay them back. Whether it’s a one-off purchase or various different group expenses, Tikkie can be used in any situation. You might have paid for:
• drinks with your club friends;
• a present for a colleague;
• festival tickets;
• weekend away with friends;
• household expenses in your student house.

Really easy payment requests
Simply use Tikkie to send a payment request over WhatsApp, Telegram or Messenger, by text message, or however else you want. The request will contain a link that your friends can use to pay you back. So you no longer need to exchange account numbers! Your friends don’t need to have Tikkie, but they do need a Dutch current account, and a Dutch, Belgian or German phone number. Tip: you can now also let your friends fill in the amount themselves. That’s handy when different people owe you different amounts.

Track your group expenses and settle up
Tikkie makes it easy for you to keep track of group expenses too. Create a Groepie, invite your friends, and you’re good to go. All of the group members can add and settle up expenses, with a Tikkie of course! Good to know: your friends need the Tikkie app to join a Groepie.

Unique deals with Tikkie Terug
Get money back from well-known brands thanks to cashback promotions! If you see a QR code in a shop or on an online promotion page, simply scan it with the Tikkie app and get all or part of the purchase price back right away.

iDEAL payments
Your friends pay you back using iDEAL and their own banking app, and the money is paid straight into your current account. Payments through Tikkie also use iDEAL and we don’t charge any transaction fees for this.

For businesses too
If you’re an ABN AMRO business client, make things easy on yourself and your customers by sending a payment request! Tikkie is also available to businesses, from self-employed individuals to multinationals. Your invoices are paid fast and your customers are happy. They don’t need cash, and you don’t need an expensive payment terminal.

ABN AMRO initiative
Tikkie is an ABN AMRO initiative, which means your details are secure. ABN AMRO only uses your details for the payments requests and payments, and not for any commercial activities.
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