About Random Number Suite
This Random Number Generator - RNG has different mini apps within, the app generates random numbers using different modes. Depending on the mode you can select numbers from 1-99999.

There are 4 different modes, 'Spin The Wheel', 'Lottery', 'Keno and Bingo' and a set of 'Random Numbers'

Spin The Wheel allows you select how many segments you want from 2 to 8, you then just swipe your finger to spin the wheel. Each segment has a number and a colour.

Bingo and Keno, allows you to select the number of balls you want to use from 49-99. It also displays a chart showing you which balls have already been drawn.

Lottery, allows you to select the number of balls you want to use from 49-99. You press the button to draw a ball from the globe, it displays the drawn ball as well as the last 6 balls. It also tells you how often the ball has been drawn before.

So it's a great app for 'Lottery Number Generation'

Random Number, allows you to choose how many random numbers to display from 1-25 and what numbers to choose between from 1-99999.

You can reset and mode at any time just by pressing the exit button and start the all over again.

Who doesn't want a free app for bingo calling with the family or nights out, or a free app to draw a set of numbers for your Lottery numbers.

Do you need to pick lottery numbers or just a set of random numbers then this is the app for you.

Do you need an App to try and win that Jackpot or the Mega Lotto?

Will scale to fit any size screen, it will work across all phones and tablets.
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Apr 16, 2023
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