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Adi Para Shakti—the Goddess, Devi—is the Supreme Being. She is also popularly referred to as "Adi Shakti", "Parama Shakti", "Maha Shakti", "Mahadevi", or even simply as "Shakti". "Parama" means absolute, "Satya" means the Truth as per many Shakta texts.[1] The Devi Bhagavata Mahapurana states that Adi Parashakti is the original creator, observer and destroyer of the whole universe.
As per Shaktism, Adi Parashakti appeared as Divine Pure Eternal Consciousness i.e. Shoonya Bindu, the divine zero feminine energy, which then expresses itself as Prakriti (Universal Nature).[2] Hence Adi Parashakti is Parama Prakriti.

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"#1.Moola Mantram ",
"# 2.Mantra Nool - 108 Potri Thiruvuru",
"#3.Om Sakthi Song",
"#4.Om Sakthiyee Parasakthi Yee",
"#5.Aigiri nandini"
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