About Radar Stats for LoL
League of Legends statistics for pro players, a unique next gen companion app.

Radar Stats for LoL is the most useful way to analyze the matches played in League of legends. It doesnt matter if you are a professional or a beginner, you need to know the performance of your team and the enemy during the entire match. With Radar Stats for LoL your matches have never been more Effective.

Radar Stats for LoL is intended for serious players that want to improve their performance on every game. The main strategy in League of Legends are teamwork, communication and skills. Radar Stats for LoL will help you to analyze your teamwork, showing you the entire match with spider web radars used mostly by sports professional analysts.

- see your last games and all your ranked games.
- share your records with your friends!
- Compare the skills of your team and the enemy in an amazing radar chart
- analyze the game using charts and tables with statistics.
- see your victories and defeats filtered by weekday and lane.
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Nov 21, 2020
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