About Huruful Hija
This application is specially designed for all those who are willing to learn Recitation of Quran , first step towards learning the recitation of Quran for children , elders, young ones and specially students who are still in their early stages of learning Arabic Letter known as Huruf ul Hija.

There are 6 different sections in the application

1) Sequential - Arabic letters in sequence with sound without using the eraab.

2) Random - Recognizing the letters as it appears randomly.

3) Altogether - All 28 Huruf in single page and when a user clicks the huruf the sound will play.

4) Images - All 28 Huruf with two relevant images to help remember the letter, users can click on the Huruf as well the images to hear the exact pronunciation.

5) Eraab - There are 6 Eraabs that can be introduced to the child after the child has learnt all the 28 huruf, again with sound to help child learn faster.

6) Tracing - Here the child can practice the huruf by drawing and colouring and also choosing a huruf and tracing on it.

All and all it is fun application for children to learn Arabic letter from the comfort of their homes.

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May 31, 2021
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