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Verb Cycle Português helps you improve your fluency in the Portuguese language through verb conjugation drills. Test your knowledge of the conjugations in each of the 20 tenses. Using your touch screen, enter the conjugation for each of the subject pronouns (eu, tu, etc). Verb Cycle checks your response and displays a green checkmark when your response is correct. If the response is incorrect, a red "X" is displayed. You can touch the red "X" to have Verb Cycle provide the correct conjugation for the pronoun.

With each correct response, Verb Cycle automatically "cycles" through each pronoun, tense and verb, depending on your preferences. You can configure Verb Cycle to cycle through all the tenses for one verb or to cycle through all of the verbs with the same tense. For example, to practice conjugating verbs in the "pretérito imperfeito" tense, Verb Cycle will skip to the next verb in the list ("cycling") and keep the tense the same. Or, you can choose to practice conjugating all tenses for a single verb by setting your preferences to Cycle by Tense.

At any time, you can choose the Flash Card menu option, which will display all conjugations for the selected verb and tense. You can click on the left and right arrows to cycle through each tense. Or, you can use a left or right page-turning motion on the flash card to cycle through each tense.

The free version of Verb Cycle Português comes with seven verbs and their conjugations for all 20 tenses. Optional Verb Packs are available for purchase that each contain over 30 verbs.
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