About My Old Phone Dialer
Try 20th century old phone ringer style phone in 21st century with this Old Phone Dialer. Rotate dialer to dial number to dial, Alternatively you have an option of normal dial pad. You have an option to switch between old ringer dialer to noramal dial pad.It's really feels like old phone dialer with modern functionality for your mobile.

One More Specialty ' Floating Dailer ' option for quick call from your running task or app or game with out interrupting, just click to floating dialer icon to open dial pad and call back to same window or running tasks.And This floating icon will appear on top off the screen you can drag and place where ever you want on screen.

* Dial Number with old ringer style ring tone.
* Easy to Fetch & Search contact from contacts list.
* Send Message ( SMS ) From dialed number.
* Save and Add new number to contact list.
* It's offers you rich user interface and user experience compare to other big application.
* Floating Dialer icon to Dial call from any other app or with out interrupting current tasks on your phone.
* Enable disable option for floating Dialer Icon on screen from app settings.
* Set Dialer Theme Live wallpaper option for your home screen.
* Switch between Traditional Round Dialer Pad and Normal keypad Dialer.
* Dialer with Ringer sound for providing traditional Old phone ringtone.
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Jul 01, 2019
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