About Credit Debit: ledger account
This app can be used to maintain your customer credit, debit, ledger account book, manage debt. Replace your traditional ledger with this digital ledger account book.
This customer credit ledger account book app is ideal for small businesses, shopkeepers, wholesalers, retailers and distributors. It can also be used to manage personal debt.
Does your business involve giving or receiving credit? Do you lend money to your friends and forget to collect it? Have you ever forgotten to collect or make a payment? If you need an app to manage debt or maintain your customer's ledger account book and keep a record of all your transactions with any person or company then Credit Debit is the app for you.
Now, send payment reminder with complete transaction details and bills/receipts to your customers and recover debt/due amount faster.
Business can also generate invoice and share it with their customers.
First, users have to create account for which they would like to make credit or debit entries. Users can also create and define category for each account.
Few examples:
1. User can categorize accounts as customers or suppliers.
2. If a user has multiple shops. He/she can put accounts of different shop under different category, this will enable user to sort and view customers of different shops.

Users can also add multiple businesses and manage customer's credit accounts of those businesses.

Manage your shop or warehouse inventory easily. Know the current stock of each item or product. You can categorize the items . Set low stock alert for each item to quickly buy the items low in inventory. Easily add items to your shop's inventory and record sale and purchase transactions. Get date wise sales and purchase report

Data and privacy protection:
All your data is stored either in your device or in your Google drive folder and not in our server, so that no one except you can access your data.

A widget can be added to home screen for fast and easy transaction entry.

With all accounts and their current balance on dashboard, it only takes a glance to know how much a person owes to you or you owe to that person.
With this customer credit ledger account book:
• It's easy to know your creditors and debtors with separate tabs for credit /deposit and debit/due accounts.

• Just tap on account in the list to add transaction for that account.

• Users can write notes and also save photo of invoice, bill,
receipts etc. for each transaction.

• Users can also send transaction details to party after each transaction.

• Transaction entries can be easily edited or deleted.

• Users can view balance after each transaction in transaction report.

• Select daily, weekly, monthly or custom dates to generate, share or print transaction reports.

• Write your business expenses in cashbook.

• Generate report in excel and pdf format.

• Send payment reminders and call your debtors and creditors directly from the app.

• Google Drive Backup and Restore. So that users don’t lose their data even if they change their device.

• Data can also be saved locally in device.

• Can be used offline.
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