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Ezytrack Application provides features like live location tracking, SOS alerts, etc. which allows you to keep an eye on your loved one even when you are not with them. Apart from the above features it has the following features.

Live Tracking – Track the pin point location of your loved ones on map.

SOS – Receive SOS signal in emergency situations: with the signal you also receive geo-positioning information as well as an audio-clip of the watch surroundings.

Class Mode – Remotely set Do Not Disturb mode in kids watch while he/she is attending the school.

Safe Zone– Create a virtual geographic boundary around (an area) enabling application to trigger a alarm when your child enters or leaves the area.

History – track the child’s location on the map and the history of movements for the day, make sure that your child doesn't visit dangerous places.

Listen – listen to what is happening around your child, to feel certain that he is fine and in a good company.

Voice Chat – Chat with your child through our app.

Battery Low Alarm - Get alerts when the kid’s phone battery is low, so you can remind your child to charge the phone

Watch fallen alarm - Get real time notification if watch is thrown or fallen down
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